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2017 Goals

Most people talk about the “resolutions” that they make every New Year. I’m more of a fan of the word “goals”. Each year, I make a list of goals that I would like to achieve, whether it’s places I would like to travel or things I would like to achieve. Usually I am eager to write down my goals, but this year I’ve taken my time. After much thought, I think I’m ready to share some of my 2017 goals with you. 1. Free Code Camp You’re  ...

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How I’m Paying Off My Debt Quickly

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post nor an ad, but I do have referral links in case you decide to sign up for Digit. I will earn some money and it won’t affect you. You can do the same when you sign up, by inviting friends. How many blog posts can we all read about how someone paid off a crap ton of debt in just a short 6 months? Too many. I’ve read them and they always say the same thing. I’ve tried setting a budget and I’ve cut unnecessary costs (mostly). I  ...

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