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Wedding Planning Update + Our Engagement Photos

We are officially getting married in less than a year! It’s totally crazy to think that we will be husband and wife before I know it. This January, we will celebrating being together for half a decade….5 whole crazy years. Every day I am grateful to have found Brian so young. But, enough of that mushy stuff. Since it is less than a year now, we are (attempting) to take wedding planning seriously. Most days, I would like to pull my hair out, mainly because of sticker shock (whyyy  ...

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My Life, Pittsburgh

Fairytales do come true

It’s Sunday morning and I have the sun shining on my face while I enjoy a cup of matcha green tea and write. The peacefulness of the morning and warmth of the sun inspire me the most. And with this inspiration, I’m here to tell you how 2017 has started off so incredibly amazing so far. Most people were feeling pretty grumpy about 2016 and ready for 2017 to end. While it was a challenging year for most, I did reflect on all the amazing memories made and lessons learned. Also, if  ...

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