Turning 25: The real quarter-life crisis

Turning 25_The real quarter-lifecrisis

They weren’t kidding when they said time would fly after turning 21…yikes! I can’t believe that I’m 25 years old! I told everyone that I will be 24 forever and that’s what I really want for my birthday gift…ya’ feel me? So, make that happen.

I had a co-worker tell me that turning 25 was harder for her than 50. Adulthood really hit her then. Others have told me that 30 was difficult. What scares me about 25, is that I will be 30 before I freakin’ know it. Andddd….I only have one year left on my parents’ health insurance (I’m sure you really feel my pain on that too). I think 26 will be the true year of adulthood just because of the health insurance aspect….I’M NOT READY! This is the real quarter-life crisis moment.

Anyways….enough of the temper tantrum. Lots of people talk about their accomplishments for the New Year and I didn’t get to that (actually, I wrote a really annoying post and scrapped it. This one will be better). I’m here to talk to about my transformation from 24 to 25. It’s been a really big year for me, in my eyes. Ready to hear about my journey that hopefully won’t get too annoying? Good. Here is it:

I calmed the heck down

Seriously…I still have my moments of getting really angry really fast. My mother calls it anger managements issues. I think I agree. At one point, I was way too calm, probably borderline depressed so I stopped caring about everything. During this time last year, shit hit the fan at work. The team I work with was going through a huge transition phase and I was beyond angry every day. I walked outside one day because I couldn’t take it. I think it took a camping trip to one of my favorite music festivals, and that is when I found my zen and decided to calm down. I learned how to handle the conflicts my way. I managed to adapt this into my personal life as well and it has helped a lot. So as they say in Frozen, “Let it go!! LET IT  GO!!…” (I’ve never seen the movie, fyi). I’ll write a post with some tips regarding this soon.

I fell in love with music again

For the past several years, I was having an issue finding my music niche again. In my teens, of course I was listening to crap like pop music and pop punk. At that time, it worked for me. I’m pretty sure that my mother wanted to kick me out just for my pure lack of good music taste (kidding). In my early 20s (omg..I can say that now…), I jumped around in different genres. Indie, rock, and EDM. When I was 23, Brian finally convinced me to go to my first music festival. I thought, “No way, I’m not camping. I like showering and my comfortable bed.” However, I fell in love with the concept/idea of music festivals instantly. My first festival was Grateful Fest at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park. It was a world I only ever imagined. It wasn’t until my 24th summer that I really GOT IT. I finally found that jam band music just spoke to me in a way I can’t explain. It makes me smile. Most days you will find me listening to this playlist on Spotify (especially at work): Jam Bands / Lockn Festivals (Spotify playlist)

I’m learning to cohabitate

I didn’t go to college like a normal person. I never lived in a dorm or near campus. I never had a roommate. I bounced around a little bit for a couple years with friends while trying to get my life together, but still remained very independent as far as living goes. When I was 22, I signed a lease for my very first apartment….alone. I have always been very independent. I had been dating Brian for only about 6 months at the time, so it wasn’t a good idea to live together for a multitude of reasons (but I did ask, ya know, just in case). I lived alone for 2 years. It was lonely. It was weird. August 2015, we moved into our first apartment together. That was a hellish transition for me, despite wanting it so badly. I am basically an only child (I have a brother, but we are so far apart in age, I didn’t grow up with him), so I have “only child syndrome”, meaning I don’t share, nor do I clean up after other people. I have had moments of missing living alone (and I’m sure he missed his parents’ house in those moments too haha). However, I wouldn’t trade coming home and hanging out with my best friend every night, for the world. I love cooking dinner together and talking about anything and everything. I didn’t realize how much he talked until we lived together. He literally hovered over me the other night when he came home to see if I was actually asleep just to talk to me (creepy/cute :)). It’s been a transition for me, but it has been one of the best.

I took control of my health

I hate medicine from doctors and I strongly dislike doctors in most cases. Most of the time when I go to the doctor, I get the “you’re fine, but here’s a prescription for (whatever useless, ultimately damaging medicine)”. I am always looking for natural remedies. I use food to help me with immune system, my digestion, my sleep, and everything in between. I also started exercising more. I gained a ton of weight since 21 and decided I need to take control of it NOW. I’ve really only begun my journey, but I feel a million times better than ever before.

So here’s to 25…while I don’t consider it when “adulthood is really hitting me”, but I’m hoping for this year to bring many more accomplishments. I am nowhere where I thought I would be, and that is okay. I have huge goals I want to work towards and every day I panic about my future, but I am here and loving life, every up and down.

How was your 25th year? If you’re not 25 yet, where do you see yourself?

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