Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend and had Monday off to fully enjoy it. It was a busy weekend for me with lots of adventures. I got to see family and enjoy the outdoors. Here’s a recap of my weekend.

To start off the weekend, the boyfriend and I had a dinner and movie date. We went to Chipotle for dinner and saw the new movie Alice Through the Looking Glass in 3D. I love Alice in Wonderland and while the sequel isn’t my favorite, I loved seeing the movie. It is very visually stunning.

Saturday afternoon I managed to drag Brian to Racoon Creek State Park to enjoy what is now finally summer. We checked out the lake and went for a short, easy hike on the Mineral Springs Loop trail. The springs waterfall was cold and it was so refreshing to hangout there to cool off from the hot hike.

Memorial Day Weekend Recap Memorial Day Weekend Recap Memorial Day Weekend Recap Memorial Day Weekend Recap Memorial Day Weekend Recap Memorial Day Weekend Recap  Memorial Day Weekend Recap Memorial Day Weekend Recap

When we finally made it back to the car, we decided to head back home. It was way too hot outside to consider doing much more activity. I wanted to go kayaking since it is so reasonably priced there, but we’ll do that another weekend. We were wiped out from our adventure so we stayed in the rest of the night after getting BBQ from a local place for dinner.

On Sunday, my mom wanted to go to Open Streets Pittsburgh. We took our bikes downtown and we were able to ride through about 3.5 miles of Penn Avenue without having to worry about cars. They have this event scheduled for June and July also. I’m hoping to check out more of vendor booths then. We pretty much just rode through to Lawrenceville and ate lunch at Franktuary.  They also have things like yoga and hip hop dance going on, and plenty of activities for kids. It was so humid that it was uncomfortable, but we made it. Once we were finished with lunch, we realized it was starting to lightly rain, so we booked it back to the car. We made it just in time.

Memorial Day Weekend Recap Memorial Day Weekend Recap

On Monday, I visited my grandmother who is going through recovery with her health right now and doing so well! She was so happy that Brian and I visited and we took her outside on her wheelchair to get some fresh air. The doctor says she’ll be going home soon. She was so happy that we wanted to take her outside that she somehow got herself into her wheelchair before we got back to room after getting the OK from the nurse. She cracks me…I love her :). After that, we headed over to hang out poolside with my step family. They seriously have the most perfect pool area setup…#goals. I floated around on a doughnut inter-tube getting my tan on and ate way too much. I loved soaking up the sun on this beautiful day.

What did you do for Memorial Day weekend?

Ps. Stop back on Thursday to read my post about how to plan the perfect bachelorette party

Talk soon!


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