5 Ways to Invest in Your Happiness

Have you ever felt burned out? Over worked? Have you felt like all you do is give to everyone else but never to yourself? Your happiness is crucial to your well-being and you deserve it. It is worth every minute of time and every penny of money. There are an infinite amount of ways to boost your happiness and some only take a few minutes to have lasting effects.

Here are 5 ways to invest in your happiness:

1. Buy yourself flowers

This is seriously one of the best ways to brighten your space and mood. I am a huge fan of buying myself flowers. They don’t have to be expensive. I usually get the $3.99 bouquet at Trader Joe’s and they last about two weeks. I put them on top of the entertainment center in my living room so that I can constantly see them.

2. Take a class

Do you like photography or art? How about fitness? Back in the fall I realized I wasn’t doing enough for myself or doing things I enjoyed on my own, so I decided to take a photography class at the local community college. It had been a while since I really took photography seriously and it was great refresher course. I think it cost me about $70 for a 6 or so week class. This summer, I am going to be attending a yoga class at least once a month- although I’d like to aim for twice a month. I enjoy fitness, but not high intensity classes (I’ll look like a fool in my own home, thanks), so a yoga class is perfect. During the summer in Pittsburgh, there’s several free outdoor yoga classes and I love attending those when it’s not scorching hot outside (talk about sweating your ass off…) So, if there is something you enjoy or are interested in, take a class. It’s a great way to expand your knowledge/skills and feel like you’re doing something just. for. you.

3. Explore a new area around town

A change of scenery can really boost my happiness and get me out of a rut. Last fall, I visited my mom in Beaver County. There are some really beautiful areas out there and the change of scenery helped me feel refreshed. I recently (quickly) checked out Squirrel Hill and it was awesome to see shops and restaurants I haven’t seen before. I’ll definitely be back to eat somewhere there. Even if you have to drive an hour, check out somewhere different. Seeing the same things and places every day can be draining, and seeing somewhere different will boost your happiness. Taking friends along is a bonus!

4. Clean Out and Donate

I don’t know how I have any clothes left at this point because I keep donating bags full. If I’m stuck inside or I’ve just had enough of clutter, I will start going through the clutter in my home (it’s never ending, I swear). When I have a bag full and overcome the anxiety of donating (but what if I need it again!!??), it is refreshing to get rid of the clutter and it might help someone. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It does make me happy to make room and space, whether or not it stays that way. I might feel as though I can then go out an buy more clothes. So, put on some music and start by going through your closet. Once you have a trash bag filled with clothes to donate, you will notice the feeling of a weight lifted from your shoulders. It’s pretty refreshing.

5. Spend time doing something you love

Do you love drawing? Do you love reading? Do you love napping? Spend more time doing it! It’s all for you and you totally deserve every minute. There’s nothing I love more than to curl up on the couch on a Saturday afternoon and take a nap for 20 minutes or however long I need. It’s simply the satisfaction that it’s something I am doing for me and setting aside the time to do because I enjoy it. I’ve also recently been reading for 10 minutes (minimum) or more before going to bed. This doesn’t include looking at your phone/social media! Actually break out a book (physical or Kindle) and read for a few minutes. It has helped calm my anxiety at night greatly and I sleep much better.

What are your favorite ways to invest in your happiness?

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5 Ways to Invest in Your Happiness





  1. Tami

    July 21, 2016 at 1:33 am

    Awesome post! I especially agree with number 4. Whenever I declutter and get rid of stuff, it seems like it’s an instant mood booster! 🙂

    1. jessica

      July 21, 2016 at 9:02 pm

      Thanks! Decluttering is definitely a game changer!

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