Finding the Balance

Finding the Balance

It has been nearly a year since we closed on our first home. I kept dreaming of hanging out on our side porch while blogging and working on passion projects. I also dreamed of my carefully organized office being the space where I would allow my creativity to flow. And here we are, nearly a year later, and I haven’t published one post, my office has become a storage room, and I’m not sure how to balance everything.

If you’re reading this post hoping to find the magical equation on how to find balance for everything, you will be disappointed. However, if you’re reading this post to find someone to relate to and some inspiration, then you have come to the right place.

We set these goals and visualize these dreams, but if we don’t decide to just make the time and DO the things, we never will. Owning a home with beautiful spaces didn’t suddenly open up time in my schedule to do the things I love. If anything, my schedule is busier now. While it’s a nice perk to have these spaces, I could have easily written and published 100 posts from my 600 sq ft one bedroom apartment that I shared with my now-Husband, all while listening to my upstairs neighbors get it on (yes, the walls were THAT thin).

If you find excuses in your current situation, you’re going to find excuses in your “dream/ideal situation”. Now that we own a house, I have many more responsibilities. I clean pretty much the entire house once a week because I can’t stand the pet hair. We added a dog to our family and he takes up a lot of my energy and time. I have boxes that still need to be unpacked and rooms to be better organized. However, I am now pouring from an empty cup.

I love having a clean home, but I also love yoga classes. I love playing with my energetic pup, but I also love quiet time to read. I desire to save money, but my soul is begging me to travel.

Since we moved into our house, I have struggled to balance housework, our marriage, friendships, and doing things that bring me joy. However, I must carve out the time to do the things that bring me joy because when I feel aligned and happy with myself, I can bring that happiness into all other areas of my life.

I will be talking to my husband about prioritizing this balance. I will let go of dog-mom guilt. I will let go of the need to have a perfectly clean house all the damn time. I will stop talking myself out of going to yoga classes.

You will never find the perfect balance, especially since every season of life is so different. However, you can prioritize your time and choose to loosen your grip on certain things.

Which areas of your life have you been struggling to balance?

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