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I’m Jessica, a 20-something wife and first-time mama living in Pittsburgh. I created the blog Petite Dreamer to have an outlet for my creativity which includes photography, designing, and writing. I share what is currently happening in my life and this space will be constantly evolving.

A little more about me:

  • My daughter was born in February, just a few weeks before the Pandemic lockdown
  • I cloth diaper my daughter and I’m passionate about sharing this with other mamas when I’m invited to
  • Which leads me to my Human Design… I’m a Projector 🙂 and I’m enjoying learning as much as I can about it.
  • I love all things spirituality and personal development
  • If I could live anywhere it would be North Carolina or Arizona

Petite Dreamer is the place to go when you need some inspiration, motivation, a moment to live vicariously through my travels (when we’re not experiencing a pandemic), or someone to relate to. I am on the journey of self discovery and chasing my dreams, and I invite you to follow along. The name “Petite Dreamer” comes from me being petite (hello, 5’1″) and a dreamer. I might be small, but I have big dreams.

Once again, welcome! Feel free to introduce yourself and let me know about your blog/space on the internet! I would love to check it out and connect.

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